Certified Arabic Translation

We notarize our translation

(upon request)

We use Modern Standard

Arabic ( Classical ) and

most Arabic dialects   

Telephone: +1 313-724-8188

Email: linguists@arabtrans.com

Our services 

Arabic Translation: 
- Certified Legal documentation, contracts,         - court opinions.
- Personal and vital records, marriage, birth        and school certificates, letters.
- Business translation: proposals, business       - letters, business cards, brochures.
- Labels, flyers, tattoos, signs.
- Technical translation: manuals, machinery,     - military proposals, software and hardware.
- General Translation: personal letters,               - thoughts, ideas, email messages

Arabic Interpreting : 
- Conferences 
- Meetings 
- Seminars 
- Depositions 
- Voice Over 

DeskTop Publishing: 
- Formatting
- Layout.
- Print-ready documents.
- Labels, Business Cards.
- Brochures and Manuals.



About METS: 

- Our Arabic translation team consists of native speakers of Arabic specialized in         several fields such as legal, financial,  technical, DTP and much more

- Whether your job is large or small, METS is always there to assist you with  your Arabic translation needs. 

- Middle East Translation Services, Inc. also offers Arabic interpretation services,  voice- over and transcription.

- Our highly educated native linguists, originally from many corners of the Middle  East, master the Arabic language and can work with most of the 22 different Arabic dialects. 

- Quality translation and editing process on all projects.

- Rapid response and delivery - Overnight electronic delivery of small projects.

- Follow up procedure to ensure clients' satisfaction.


No matter what your Arabic translation needs, METS can meet those needs and your deadlines. 

(We use Modern Standard Arabic (Classical) & most Arabic dialects More M. E. Languages: Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Kurdish, Urdu)

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Individual Clients

Legal Firms

Academic Institutions
Research Centers  
Media Outlets  


-American Translators Association  
  (ATA-Active member)  

American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)  
Arab American Teachers of Arabic (AATA)  
Former member of American Federation of Teachers (AFT) 

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