Arabic Translator Since 1976

Professional Memberships:

- American Translators  Association
-Arab-American Teachers of Arabic
- American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
- Former UNTA member

Expert Arabic Linguist


- Legal Translator/Interpreter
- Technical Translations
- Reviewer/Editor
- Arabic and Islamic Consultant
- Voice over/Talent and Escort interpreter

English - Arabic

Professional Work for Professional Businesses

Please take a moment to review my brief resume and capabilities below:

Experience- Over 25 years of documented experience  
Translator:  Extensive experience in translating legal documents, military systems, software, technical manuals, brochures, contracts, business correspondence & Web sites.
Interpreter: Conference, Consecutive, Voice Over and Voice Talent.
Consultant: Islamic, linguistic, historical and political issues

Capabilities - Three (Pentium Class) PCs
- Complete set of bilingual software (Office, Page Maker, Photo Shop,  QuarkXpress, Frame Maker, InDesign, Illustrator....)

- Trados TM  7.5 + Specialized Dictionaries
- DSL Internet connection - Fax, Copier, Scanner, CD/DVD Burner
- Ability to recruit the services of other translators

Education - Bachelor's Degree in Education UNESCO Institute of Higher Education- Amman, Jordan; English courses - Wayne State University; MI;  Linguistic Studies courses - Beirut, Lebanon;  Computer Applications courses - Henry Ford College, MI;  Multicultural Education Courses - WSU, MI.

Availability- Full time translator & Interpreter - Available 6 days/w

- Short notice for both translation and interpreting assignments

- Available for travel anywhere in the US, Canada and short business trips to the  Middle East

- I do understand most Arabic spoken dialects (Saudi, Iraqi, Egyptian, Syrian ...etc.)
- US citizen and holds a Security Clearance

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How May I Help You?

- Legal documents: Arabic to English and English to Arabic
- Personal documents, vital records

- Correspondence, business cards, contracts
- Military manuals and proposals
- Product and services brochures
- Software help files, strings and user interface
- Articles, literature and glossaries

- International conferences 
- Multinational corporate meetings 
- Technical work groups 
- Trade negotiations
- Educational symposia
- Three-way conferencing - voice over
- Escort Interpreter
- Depositions and Attorney/client meetings

*Desktop Publishing: 
Translation and layout of :
- Manuals
- Brochures
- Product Labels
- Technical Description
- Business Cards
- Power Point Presentations
- Arabic/Islamic Calligraphy

Web Site Localization:
I translate and typeset: 
- Web sites and web pages
(Special care is paid for cultural differences and sensitivity.)
- Also available, bilingual web sites
-Web site submission to Middle Eastern directories and search engines

Consulting and Research: 
- Marketing 
- Consultation
- Research of Middle Eastern issues including customs, history, religion ...etc.
- Trademarks suitability
- General Research

Freelance rates

(large translation agencies charge you double.) 
Daily output ranges between 1500 to 2500

words depending on the complexity of the material
Ability to recruit experienced translators for large projects

*Samples of all of the above (except military) are available upon request

 Based in

Dearborn Heights



Call me: + 313 724-8188 ~ Cell (US only): 805 304-0885

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